About Stories from the Bedside

Why a blog? Why now? And what can we learn from the patients and their loved ones who are willing to share their health care experiences?

I have resisted blogging because it is always a challenge to fit new projects into my ongoing patient advocacy efforts. I am a practicing general dentist working full-time on the front lines of health care, a wife and mother, an author, and the Founder and President of The Empowered Patient Coalition non-profit organization. Like so many others, time management is an intricate balancing act in my world.

But, the reality is that the patient voice is needed in health care more than ever. Martin Luther King, Jr. attempted long ago “to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now.” This blog is a testament to the fact that we are long overdue for radical change in our health care system. There is a moral imperative to act now. To choose complacency is to turn our back on the heart of humanity – our love for one another and our responsibility to the most vulnerable members of our society. The “stories from the bedside” must be the starting point in our quest to make health care safer and more compassionate. I hope that this blog will help us all listen and learn from both the lessons and the solutions that patients have to share.