Health Care Policy

The Front Lines of “Slow Advocacy”

  “I don’t want to be a pessimist: the work you have done is important and it IS helping. It’s just so slow.”    This sentence was part of an email I received recently from another patient safety advocate and it expresses a sentiment that I face on a regular basis. I have listened to others say the same thing for years – “What you do is great, but…”  Comments like this usually make me pull back and question my efforts.  This time I decided to “lean in” and remain committed to work that I know from first-hand experience is valuable. I now refuse to minimize what I do and...

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An Empowered Patient Coalition Blog. Why Now?

An Empowered Patient Coalition Blog.  Why Now?

Why a blog? Why now? And what can we learn from the patients and their loved ones who are willing to share their health care experiences? I have resisted blogging because it is always a challenge to fit new projects into my ongoing patient advocacy efforts. I am a practicing general dentist working full-time on the front lines of health care, a wife and mother, an author, and the Founder and President of The Empowered Patient Coalition non-profit organization. Like so many others, time management is an intricate balancing act in my world. The reality is that the patient voice is needed in...

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